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Discover Newquay and St Austell Maps

Cornwall Council is proud to sponsor the Discover Newquay and St Austell Maps.  The maps are fun tools for finding out how to get around the towns of Newquay and St Austell and see what there is to do on your visit without the need for a car. 

NEWQUAY - Backed up by an informative and interactive website, , you can walk the Hetty and Ada trails and get a glimpse of Newquay’s past whilst looking out for our special flora and fauna.  Why not use the coast path to get into the town and enjoy fantastic views that you wouldn’t get from the car and see how easy it is to use sustainable transport to get around the town?

The map itself contains information on all of these activities and there is much more to discover about local beaches, places to visit, wildlife, history and the environment on the website.  To check out the website and enjoy the beautifully illustrated and interactive map, visit

ST AUSTELL – Follow Clemo’s Way and White River Way to see new and old St Austell, side by side. This green town is opened up through the trails that weave around into and around the town centre, giving a glimpse of its fantastic trees, historic buildings and hidden wildlife.  See just how accessible St Austell Bay is from the town and enjoy exploring by bus, train or ferry on your car free days out.  The St Austell website is currently under development.


Discover Newquay


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